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and last updated 2:09 PM, Feb 25, 2022

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan plan to expand fashion to Downtown Detroit with its fashion Industry Club. According to the organization, a downtown location will help create a pipeline from Detroit and Highland Park neighborhoods to downtown Detroit. This pipeline will consist of talent and resources.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeaster Michigan's fashion Industry Club partners with Bedrock, Ponyride, Detroit is the New Black and Deviate.

The fashion Industry Club gives Detroit kids experience in the workforce and entrepreneurship training. Their press release states that over 150 youth have received paid experience through the Industry Club.

Some of the brands that youths have collaborated with within the program are Foot Locker, Moosejaw, Ruthie Davis, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Red Wings and Big Sean.

“One of our greatest learnings is the power of intentionally creating a pipeline of resources and talent between neighborhoods and downtown," states CEO of BGCSM Shawn H. Wilson. "We’ll forever be grateful to our partners for taking a chance on this concept and look forward to working with them in our next phase.”

Leon Morehead, a member of the Industry Club, is one of the only youths that completed all five of the organization's industry clubs. “It has allowed me to learn about all the sides of owning a business from the ability to work with a deadline, cooperation and standing on my own ideas," said Morehead in a press release. " I’m happy to have had this experience and recommend others to join the Industry Club too.”


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