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Deviate, a Detroit-based emerging unisex fashion brand that intercepts art and fashion, presents their inaugural Fall/Winter 2022 collection called A Bird Trusts its Wings, on February 2nd to February 3rd, 2022 in New York City. 


Deviate was selected by the CFDA as one of the American production companies for emerging and established brands to support their sustainable manufacturing program. Deviate not only strives to redefine the Detroit creative community, but the brand is also invested in cultivating local talent by empowering and educating its youth community in partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of SE Michigan’s (BGCSM) Fashion Industry Club.


The Fall/Winter 2022 collection is inspired by an original storybook written by Deviate’s Creative Director, Kelsey Tucker. The story acts as an of-age metaphor for non-traditional artists whose ideas often go overlooked. Deviate challenges this reality throughout their storybook and collection by collaborating with (option 2) Ponyride and 50+ non-traditional Detroit-based artists from their Detroit community. This is the most “artful” ready-to-wear collection Deviate has ever designed and presented via an immersive exhibition to showcase their Fall/Winter 2022 collection for the first time in NYC.


“The goal of the exhibition is to push the ‘nontraditional’ forward in the fashion industry and ignite a national conversation around Detroit’s artistic and creative talent. We’ve seen our city increasingly get more attention around fashion, especially within the last year; but, the voice of the local creative has been missing within this narrative. This exhibition is our platform to present one collective voice coming from a creative community that is ready to bring new dimension to fashion.” – Cassidy Tucker, Co-Founder of Deviate.


“The creative community is different here; we have a grind mentality and a grit about us. This is a community that bands together and rallies behind what they believe in, we’ve seen it before with Motown. That’s exactly what’s happening here again in fashion and the arts. I knew I had to design a collection about this phenomenon because we’re living in a pivotal moment in Detroit‘s history. Collaborating with 50+ artists from my community on one cohesive exhibition has been my proudest accomplishment as a designer.” – Kelsey Tucker, Creative Director + Co-Founder of Deviate


“I’m grateful that the world’s eyes are heavily on Detroit right now in regards to the Visual Arts. Now everyone else can see what we already knew. ‘Detroit is Magical’.” – Sydney G. James, Detroit Visual Artist + Muralist


Deviate’s partnership with BGCSM to lead their Fashion Design Industry Club provides a paid apprenticeship for youth interested in learning about the fashion industry. Deviate’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection exhibition will also feature the work of the graduating youth designers.


BGCSM’s Fashion Industry Club has also received support through Apple’s Community Education Initiative. As part of its commitment to fostering creativity and workforce opportunities in underrepresented communities across the country, Apple provided hardware and ongoing professional learning and support. This summer, students in Boys & Girls Club of Southern Michigan’s Code 2 Career program had the opportunity to design and prototype an app for Deviate using Apple’s Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create curriculum.


“This is an amazing opportunity for our BGCSM fashion Industry Club youth, which speaks highly to our partnership with DEVIATE and our shared vision in helping youth build professional portfolios through unique workforce and training experiences.” – Shawn Wilson, CEO + President of Boys & Girls Club of SE MI


“My experience throughout this project has taught me a lot, and I’m extremely grateful for those lessons. Being around so many creative minds has opened my eyes to another world filled with amazing artists, and I am so proud to be a part of it.” – Trent Garcons, BGCSM Fashion Industry Club Youth Designer


“Sew Great Detroit, a social enterprise program of the shelter and prevention center Alternatives For Girls, mentors and teaches women sewing and knitting skills. We are delighted to be working with Deviate for their Fall/Winter 2022 collection and for the incredible opportunity to be a part of the great Detroit story coming alive in New York City.” – Fran Gross, Sew Great Detroit


Deviate is a Detroit-based fashion label designing unisex collections situated at the intersection of art and fashion. Deviate produces deep, conceptual collections that explore current issues and challenge social norms. Each collection harmonizes expert tailoring with highly original, avant-garde designs. Deviate’s all-female team is on a mission to elevate Detroit’s reputation as a respected fashion city –collections are designed and produced in-house in Detroit. 


In 2020, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) selected Deviate as one of the American production companies for emerging and established brands to support the CFDA’s sustainable manufacturing program.


Deviate is partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of Southeastern Michigan (BGSM) to offer members a paid apprenticeship program for Detroit youth who want to learn about all facets of the fashion industry. Detroit is a fashion city today, and it will be tomorrow.


This article was originally published by the Michigan Chronicle.


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