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As local Detroiters, my sister and I love to explore our city. When we're not in the studio dreaming up our newest collections, we're spending our free time exploring Detroit's many museums, interesting architecture, and blossoming neighborhoods. The Motor City also has a variety of awesome, local businesses leading the urban resurgence charge. From delicious bagels at Detroit Institute of Bagels in Corktown to gorgeous blowouts at downtown's Detroit Blows, the city has everything you need and at the highest quality.

Detroit Institute of Bagels and Detroit Blows have worked hard to make a name for themselves in our community and beyond, and there are a number of other small businesses hustling to get their brand out there, too. Michigan is an excellent place to start a business as it has great (& free) resources for entrepreneurs (Motor City Match, TechTown, PMBC). One resource that we recently discovered at Deviate is SEEN Marketplace

For those who aren't familiar, SEEN is a local lifestyle guide connecting people, places, and businesses in Metro Detroit. SEEN is my go-to when I'm trying to decide what to do over the weekend or which new restaurant to try. As of recently, SEEN has become my go-to when I want to shop local! This July, SEEN launched its new "Marketplace" to connect shoppers with Detroit businesses. SEEN Marketplace has everything from jewelry, clothing, beauty products, art, furniture, and more.  

The Marketplace isn't just great for me as a consumer, it's also great for me as business owner. Deviate joined SEEN Marketplace to promote our brand and connect with consumers, and we were able to do so for free - how awesome is that!? Click here if you want to check out our store on SEEN; while you're there, be sure to explore other incredible Detroit artists, designers, and business owners!


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