Deviate Fashion Accepted into the Detroit is the New Black Flagship Store

Detroit is the New Black

Deviate Fashion Accepted into the Detroit is the New Black Flagship Store 

DETROIT, Michigan Deviate Fashion, the Detroit-based edgy-feminine streetwear brand has been accepted into the Detroit is the New Black (DITNB) accelerator. A selection of the Deviate fall/winter 2019 line will be featured in the DITNB flagship store on Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit through the holiday season. 


The design-driven DITNB space combines art and fashion to provide a unique retail experience for consumers. The accelerator supports this effort by connecting consumers with up and coming brands that they might not have otherwise discovered on their own. Deviate is one of the selected brands being put on the fast track due to the exposure and mentorship they will receive from the accelerator program. 

Deviate’s products come to life in Detroit, from design to manufacturing, it’s entirely local. “I’m inspired by people, community, our city,” said Deviate Co-Founder Kelsey Tucker. “The Duster jacket in our fall/winter line, for example, was inspired by 19th century motoring wear. It’s a nod to the Motor City and its resilience.” 

All of Deviate’s products are created using American-made and ethically sourced materials and are manufactured by the hands of Detroit artisans. Each product features the artisan's signature on the tag, allowing consumers to know who touched their product and empowering local artisans in the process. 

Until now, the brand has been sold entirely online via their ecommerce website. “This experience will offer us insight and first hand experience in operating a successful modern-day retail store,” said Deviate Co-Founder Cassidy Tucker. “Hopefully you will see a Deviate store in the future.” 

Deviate Fashion was founded in 2018 by two sisters, Cassidy and Kelsey Tucker. It is Deviate’s mission to empower individuals by redefining the art of fashion. 



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