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Deviate’s main brand message is to promote individuality, and encourage customers to put their own spin on pieces. This is reflected in everything they do, and it’s recognizable immediately upon meeting the Tucker sisters. One of the first things we noticed when meeting the co-founders of Deviate was their ability to put their own spin on their pieces that reflect their own personalities. When thinking of a way to style Deviate’s latest collection, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to show how we deviate. Each of our staff members paired off to show how they could style a single piece in their own unique way. These are the results.


This beautifully hued blue jacket has a familiar silhouette, yet is punched up with a multitude of cargo pockets and some hardware. Nefertiti decided to play with the more industrial elements of the piece by pairing it with cargo pants and black ankle boots (y’all see that hair coordination too!!). Marta based her fit off the jacket’s more regal characteristics, wearing it with cream pleated trousers, a lace bustier, a fancy silk headscarf and some don’t-fuck-with-me shades. 


Deviate distorts the traditional shape of the windbreaker by elongating its’ shape for their take on the classic style. Here, Daniel color matched the jacket with his hoodie and joggers while adding tonal variation with his Jordans. Meanwhile, Mason went full hikercore with zip off cargos.


These pants are not for the faint of heart. Deviate takes gingham check from a picnic at an Ivy league institution to the streets with elastic cuffs and a removable cargo pocket. Marta went for the uptown girl look, donning a bomber, boots and red gloves with the trousers. Vince decided to go for a 90’s boy-next-door vibe in an electric orange shirt and Chuck Taylors. 


Deviate has a knack for making elegant pieces more alternative. This dress, with its chic shape, is made casual with it’s washed out green color and removable crop-top detail. By simply adding a corset and rocking some sleek heels, Nefertiti added visual interest while keeping up that luxe-yet-edgy vibe. Alyssa took a softer approach (literally) by adding a tonal green sweater and tan suede boots to round out the earthy ensemble.


The Kahn Jacket is a very compelling piece from Deviate. It continues to showcase the brands affiliation for playing with workwear as well as featuring a tie closure seen in various styles across their brand. Ava paired the jacket with track pants, a purple heathered sweater and chemical resistant gloves matching the purple and yellow graphics of the jacket. Marta, on the other hand, paired the jacket with a pair of greenish yellow cargo bell bottoms, also from Deviate.


The bolo tie jacket is one of the most original pieces in the Deviate catalogue. Featuring rarely seen leg of mutton sleeves and an interesting necktie closure, this bomber-esque jacket is hard to miss in spite of it’s dark coloring. Vince doubled down on the dark aesthetic, playing with varied texture in his monochrome outfit. Alyssa complimented the extravagance of the silhouette with colorful geometric print vintage pants.


The pink corduroy overalls fit in well alongside Deviate’s other workwear inspired pieces. Styled by Alyssa and Ava, Alyssa opted for a pairing with a red rib knit top, boots and a bandana while Ava wore black and grey to emphasize the blush color. 



Words: Daniel Garmo, Mason Williams, Avery Naman

Photos: Rachel Pitts, Nefertiti Luakabuanga, MelloDezz, Lyndsay Kerns

Model/Styling: Nefertiti Luakabuanga, Marta Zalivsky, Daniel Garmo, Mason Williams, Vincent Dolgikh, Alyssa Rogers, Ava Doyle


Read the full article published on La Vie (here).

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