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What is the DET FSHN CITY Collection and when is it dropping?

We founded Deviate upon the mission to redefine fashion, specifically in Detroit. It is time we put Detroit on the fashion map. There are incredible efforts in the Motor City to revolutionize the fashion industry, and we are humbled to be a part of them. From emerging brands to creative entrepreneurs, the city's fashion scene is on the cusp of something great. We are currently finalizing a DET FSHN CITY streetwear collection that captures this truth and conveys a clear message to the world: Detroit is a Fashion City. We will be dropping the collection at an unconventional time in an effort to deviate away from typical collection drop schedules that feel rigid and tired. DET FSHN CITY is a fresh take on modern fashion. That’s all the information we are sharing for now, but you can subscribe to our blog for exclusive sneak peeks ;-)

How is Deviate shaping the future fabric of fashion? 

We love this question. But prepare yourself for a long answer… Deviate is shaping the future of fashion in multiple ways:

Fashion as a form of art. 

The intersection of art and fashion is one that does not get enough attention. Since we manufacture products from scratch in Detroit by hand, we know the artistry, skill, and love that can go into the creation of a garment. However, this truth has become convoluted with fast fashion trends and monopolistic brands pumping out new products every single day. Fashion is about art, not mass consumption! At Deviate, we work hard to practice sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes that maintain the artful component in the creation process. We focus on creating sustainable, small batches - we even dye many of our garments in Detroit using local produce such as blueberries. As we continue to scale, we continue to keep art in the production process, we hope to disrupt the industry with our practices. We want to bring art back into the equation.

Pushing the boundaries of clothing. 

We create edgy feminine products right now, but our long-term plans include creating entirely unisex collections that focus on functionality and utility. We want to increase the number of touch points a person has with his/her clothing throughout the day. Right now, you might wake up and throw on a t-shirt and not think about it again until the end of the day when you change into your pajamas. What if you could throw on that t-shirt and it had a special pocket on the sleeve that you could keep your reading glasses? What if you could remove the pocket from that t-shirt and use it as a purse or a fanny pack? What if you could place your business cards directly into a breast pocket designed to hold them for you? We want to connect clothing to communities to push the boundaries of fashion and function. This is one of the driving forces behind our DET FSHN CITY collection - the garments are made in Detroit and they are inspired by Detroit hustle. By focusing on ultimate function in this collection, each garment increases productivity and supports the individual out there who is hustling hard to make it. 

The future of fashion in Detroit! 

We are talking about building out a fashion industry focused on sustainability, ethical production, upward mobility for workers, career opportunities for entire communities. The list goes on. In order to build a successful fashion industry in Detroit, every component of the value chain is needed. We have found that our garment dyeing capabilities have opened up opportunities for other local brands who now have direct access to another component of the apparel manufacturing value chain. As a result, we dye garments for local and national brands, and this vertical of our business further contributes to Detroit's growing fashion space. Building up the fashion industry in the city would have the potential to create jobs and lift entire communities out of poverty. Fashion is more than clothing, fashion is community. Deviate has carved out our niche in the garment dyeing space and we are ready to pull our weight and support creation of the next generation of apparel manufacturing and fashion in Detroit. 

What’s up next for you guys?

A lot is happening right now! From moving into our new space at Ponyride to releasing new collections to forming new brand partners around Detroit… 2020 has already been a whirlwind. To provide some quick updates, we are excited to share that Kelsey was recently selected as a finalist for the Michigan Fashion Forward Showcase! She will attend the showcase in March as a VIP and compete for the grand prize! As for our garment dyeing business, our client list is growing steadily and we are investing into new technology that will help us to further expand our capacity. Last but certainly not least, we have brought on two new team members who are totally amazing and we feel so fortunate to have them on our team: Dianne Avila and Brendan Brooks. 

More to come!


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