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Deviate Clothing Inspired by Coding and Circuitry

If you look closely, you can find coding all around us. I'm not just talking about technology, coding is involved in everything from urban planning to policymaking to songwriting. So, what do I mean by coding? I interpret coding as a system of symbols, letters, figures, or words that represent a bigger idea - think beyond just 0s and 1s. These various systems connect people. Whether it's connecting people to technology or to each other, those important connections occur through communication and energy transfer. And they matter because rooted within these systems, within this code, are real human values that have the power to bring us together in impactful ways. 

Let's visualize this concept first through technology, and then through music.

Think about the inner workings of computers or technological devices; inside you will find wiring and coding that translates to a concrete idea. It interests me that there are multiple ways coding is perceived and created by the coder. The coder writes lines of code following the relevant syntax and the computer then translates this coded message into something that our eyes can see and recognize as pictures or words. These pictures and words invoke feelings, memories, and various connections that the computer never intended, but perhaps the coder did. You see, the code was the medium through with to create meaningful, human connections.

 Now apply this logic to music. The artist begins the composing process, identifying the tempo, the inclusion of various instruments, and determining if it's a high range note or a low note. The composition process involves combining various components of music - various systems and symbols. The end result, however, is perceived differently by the listener. The listener hears the music and does not see the symbols or the processes that went into the composition, but instead hear a melody or recognize an instrument. The listener feels the music, and it invokes emotions, memories, connections. 

What Am I Hoping to Communicate About Contemporary Fashion?

Unfortunately, the coding that occurs around is does not always result in a positive connection or result. Fashion, politics, and trends in the modern world are able to penetrate our minds and manipulate our perceptions of reality. For example, technology can be used to manipulate reality and invoke a set of emotions or connections - almost like we are viewing a set of systems through a manufactured lens. False news reports, advertisements, clever branding, commercials, “information bubbles” - all of these concepts can be traced back to various systems (re: coding) that, at the core, are fundamentally different than how they are perceived by the masses. Take a look at fast fashion, mass consumerism, and the unsustainable practices surrounding the fashion industry - yet, it's consumers contributing to these negative outcomes; consumer actions are driven by the "coders" behind the scenes (in the fashion industry, think Forever 21). How? Why? Through clever coding, marketing and messaging, and the implementation of manufactured norms, we are not able to see the full picture - at the end of the day, we only hear the melody, we don't see the composition.  

Dangers of Technology Matrix

The world is shifting from real to virtual and augmented reality. Not just in terms of video games, but also in the way that technology can be used to manipulate the audiences and augment their external reality. Our capacity to distinguish fact from fiction may become even harder. In other words, it will become more difficult to be who you really want to be. With influence coming at you from everywhere, it's up to you to be mindful of the systems around you, so you can see the entire process start to finish and make informed decisions. 

"True radicalism is one’s ability to be courageously real. Real time is irreplaceable. You have a choice each moment about who and where you want to be.”

Dystopias are a way in which authors share their concerns about society and humanity. They also serve to warn members of society to pay attention to the world in which they live and to be aware of how things can go from bad to worse without anyone realizing what has happened. While this may be a little extreme, this is what inspires us to design differently. We understand how difficult it can be to choose clothing because it is what you truly like, not because it is what every influencer on your Instagram feed is sharing. Perception is everything, and we hope that by sharing with you our inspiration to design differently and market ethically, you will feel empowered to see the world for what it is, and make it better. 


This article was written by Kelsey Tucker, Deviate Detroit's Creative Designer

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