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Your fashion style may not be as unique as you think. Look at all of clothes around you, from Gucci to Forever 21. Same color schemes. Same styles. Same patterns. Same materials. You are loyal to your fashion brands, but they are cheating on you.

So maybe it's time to change things up. This summer you can stand out instead of blending in with the crowds. Below are some of our favorite summer looks. As always, Deviate Detroit fashion is made in Detroit and worn by uncommon women around the world. 

First up: The Circuitry Skirt, $38 (use code: SUMMER15 for 15% off)

Details. Details. Details. We pride ourselves on well-made clothing that empowers you to chart your own way forward, and do so elegantly. You simply won't be able to find another skirt like this anywhere else, and that's why we love it. Perfect for any occasion, this is our skirt of the summer.  

The Black Slip Dress, $50 (use code: SUMMER15 for 15% off)

This sexy and sleek look is perfect for going out to the club with your girls. You can also dress it down to casually enjoy the warm weather. The best think about this little black slip dress is its versatility - wear it however you want, and no matter what you'll stand out. 

Next up is one of our all time favorite corsets from our Ranger Collection. 

Black and Purple Corset, $40 (use code: SUMMER15 for 15% off)

We see a disconnect between luxury, tailored clothing and streetwear - why can't we combine the two? This approach to marry a tailored, fitted design with streetwear elements is especially highlighted in our black and purple corset. We know you will love it just as much as we do. 

White Denim Cargo Shorts, $48 (use code: SUMMER15 for 15% off)

As you may have noticed, we LOVE denim. It's flattering, versatile, and timeless. That's why we think summer should be spent in our white denim cargo shorts.

From the pockets to the buttons to the belt, the attention to detail on these cargo shorts is incredible. They fit like a dream, and it's about time we mix up the classic summer blue jean shorts. 

Now for one of our newest items that is flying off the shelves - the biker short and one shoulder top. Combined they are flawless, worn separately, they are still flawless. 

Black and purple compression material with handy right breast pocket on the top and buckle details on the shorts. We add graphic design elements on these products, a trend we will likely see next summer; but, as always, we are ahead of it. Set the trend this summer with our black and purple dynamic duo.

Finally, you've asked for it, we've heard you, so here it is:

The Pocketed Fanny Pack, $25

Perfect for all of your style and storage needs. Limited addition so don't be shy.

Do you want to see other options? Don't worry, we've got plenty. Check out all of our products here. Enjoy ;-)

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