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 Meet the Founders

Cassidy & Kelsey Tucker


Our Story

Deviate was born from Cassidy's and Kelsey's combined passions in both fashion and entrepreneurship. 

Born in the 90's, Cassidy and Kelsey (Cass and Kels) grew up wearing butterfly hair clips and rainbow chokers.. Obviously, they were destined for a career in fashion.

In reality, the girls spent most of their childhood at the hockey rink perfecting their skills on the ice. As hockey players, Cass and Kels quickly learned the challenges of being a female in a male-dominated environment. Hand-me-down equipment from the boys' team and last pick for practice times drove the girls determination to outplay and outperform the boys. And they did. In their spare time, they still do.

These early experiences stuck with the duo and certainly played a part in fueling the creation of Deviate, an edgy-feminine brand that is inspired by the modern woman and her resilience.

The sisters work hard to challenge trends and create products that are beautiful, durable, practical, and unapologetically unique. These products are made with the intention to empower women around the world who want to be themselves, not the status quo.

"We listen to her. We design for herThe best part about this job is when we receive feedback from a customer who absolutely loves our jeans or our jacket because it was different and it made her feel strong inside and out. She is the driving force behind this brand." - Kelsey Tucker, Creative Director

Our Mission

It is Deviate's mission to work through fashion to empower women, protect the environment, and strengthen the arts.

We Create Differently, Sustainably 

All dye baths are controlled in-house and sustainably and naturally dyed using plants sourced right here in Detroit. This is very unique to Deviate as colors will change slightly in tone with each new stock drop. This unique creative process further sets Deviate apart while promoting individuality and variety in the world -- every single color is one of a kind. 

Sustainability is extremely important. As a company, we feel it is our duty to create and produce responsibly, keeping Mother Earth top of mind. That is why we have perfected our dye process and are now able to offer dyeing as a service to other brands and companies looking to sustainably dye their products in Detroit. We are able to keep prices competitive, if you are interested in learning more please reach out.

Contact Us

Would you like to retail our products or inquire about dyeing as a service in Detroit? Please email info.deviate@gmail.com.