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 Meet the Founders

Kelsey Tucker
Fashion Design


Cassidy Tucker
Business Development

Deviate was born from Kelsey's and Cassidy's combined passions in both fashion and entrepreneurship. They are inspired by the world and the people around them, and are especially driven by their city: Detroit.

Our City, Our Inspiration, Our Story

Since 2014, Detroit has battled to come back from the nation’s largest bankruptcy. These efforts - stemming from grassroots movements, corporate social responsibility, and philanthropy - have resulted in incredible improvements to the infrastructure, buildings, and communities throughout the city.

The story of Detroit’s urban resurgence is still in its early chapters. In parallel with these vibrant changes and advancements, it is crucial to remember and celebrate Detroit’s past.

It is Deviate's mission to contribute to Detroit’s resurgence by preserving its past and contributing to its future through the art of fashion.

We Create Differently 

All dye baths are controlled in-house and dyed per limited stock drop. This is very unique to Deviate as colors will change slightly in tone with each new stock drop. This unique creative process further sets Deviate apart while promoting individuality and variety in the world -- every single color is one of a kind. 

Clothing should empower.  We work hard to challenge trends and introduce unapologetically unique clothing for women around the world who want to be themselves, not the status quo.


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