Our Focus on Environmental and Social Sustainability

The role of the brand is changing, and Deviate is leading a new wave of sustainability: social sustainability. Environmental sustainability is increasingly becoming a requirement among today’s brands, and social sustainability is soon to follow suit. We have developed a model at Deviate that allows us to build up our community in parallel with our brand. We believe we are the future of fashion: an environmentally and socially sustainable brand.  

Sustainability is a constant balance between serving the present and the future. To us, sustainability stretches beyond environmental impact and into every aspect of life. As a brand, we put this into practice by remaining cognizant of how we produce our products, the purpose behind our products, and how we impact our community. We measure our success based on our sales metrics, operational metrics, environmental sustainability metrics, and social sustainability metrics. By building this into the fabric of our company, we are working to position ourselves as a community and industry leader. 

Our production process is a key area where we have adapted sustainable innovations. The business model we have built allows us to maintain complete control over our production process while creating jobs within our community. Thus, servicing both our environmental and social sustainability goals. When we launched Deviate, we decided to keep production in-house and hire local seamstresses, tailors, and sewing machine operators. Maintaining so much control has allowed us to design and produce our unique products in limited runs without having to overstock and meet large MOQs. This decision to work harder to keep production in-house and in Detroit paid off in 2020 when we were selected by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) as a top US-based sustainable production resource. 

Stretching beyond production, we weave sustainability into our design and collection planning process as well. We are extremely selective about the fabrics we choose to work with, and only choose fabrics we know have been sustainably and ethically milled. We also don't like to waste. Our last three collections have used leftover/scrap fabrics from previous collections to create accessories or line our coats, pockets, and pants. This is a detail that allows us to drastically reduce our waste. 

Deviate not only designs high-end, unisex fashion, we also focus on social sustainability efforts: how are we affecting the communities in which we operate? Ultimately, community love is our compass. Our mission is to uplift our community by elevating Detroit’s reputation as a fashion city. We launched a talent incubator to support Detroit’s women and minority designers. Our goal is to equip designers with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to succeed in the fashion industry. The Incubator supports aspiring creatives with job placement and resources. In 2020, we expanded the program by partnering with Detroit’s Boys and Girls Club to offer paid apprenticeships to 200+ youth interested in learning about fashion design! (Youth earn $11-13/hour). By cultivating and retaining local talent, we can provide access to jobs in an industry with upward career mobility. 


Repair / Renew Services

We are now offering complimentary repair and renew services for all of your Deviate products! Whether it's a rip, tear, or hole, send your garment to our Detroit-based atelier and we will fix it up for you free of charge. 

Deviate products are made with high-quality fabrics and crafted by the hands of artisans. Our pieces are made to last a lifetime, and with our new Repair/Renew initiative, now we can guarantee it!

We are constantly working to innovate our practices to provide more sustainable offerings for our community. If you would like to learn more about our sustainability initiatives or if your Deviate garment needs some attention, please fill out the contact us form below and we will be in touch shortly. 

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