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Reckoning & Reflection - F/W '20-'21

This collection is inspired by the terrifying reality our society is currently facing. Reckoning and Reflection is a deeply personal collection that explores the tortuous flow of emotions that has overthrown the normalcy of our former day-to-day. Quarantined to our homes, we feel an unfamiliar fear as we look out our windows searching for a better future. Here, we experience the Reckoning.

This wardrobe delves into each emotion and faces it head on -- questioning, challenging, and learning. How did we get here? What does this say about our "normal"? Perhaps the pandemic might encourage us all to reconsider our lifestyle choices that may have pushed us to this breaking point. Perhaps more consumers will truly start choosing brands with a more sustainable, conscious fashion focus. Here, we finally arrive to Reflection.

Where will we go next? Recovery? Or Relapse?


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