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Stomping Grounds

Deviate’s new Fall/Winter 2021 capsule collection called Stomping Grounds is inspired by a happening in Detroit that stretches beyond commercial development and economic growth, and into the creative cultural fabric that has been woven throughout the city over centuries. The happening has birthed a subculture of creatives, social entrepreneurs, artists, and explorers who are reimagining Detroit while honoring its history. This emerging creative subculture and its growing influence on both Detroit and Deviate are the heart and soul of Stomping Grounds.  

Past generations laid the foundation of Detroit’s moniker, “The Motor City,'' in the form of massive auto factories and plants. However, these physical spaces that once housed a bustling auto industry have been abandoned, left behind, forgotten. Massive buildings currently stand frozen in time, with papers still in their filing cabinets and the assembly line still hanging from the ceiling. A new generation has begun venturing into these abandoned physical spaces – entirely empty yet completely filled with rich history – and has reinvented, repurposed and effectively influenced what was once there. Stomping Grounds pays homage to the young creatives, social entrepreneurs, artists, and explorers who refuse to forget, and instead, have turned the blight of Detroit into their stomping grounds. 

Stomping Grounds is a collection of “non-basic” core pieces rooted in the functionality of blue-collar workwear that powered the city of Detroit for so long. Masterful tailoring techniques, such as pleating and darting, elevate facets of basic outerwear, symbolic of Detroit’s emerging subculture transforming tired auto plants and warehouses into art galleries, night clubs and blank canvases. 

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