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Artists Bios

Habacuc S. Bessiake

Habacuc is an Illustrator, Muralist and Interdisciplinary artist whose work surrounds narratives. His affinity for storytelling takes root in growing up with a big Ivorian family. Sharing stories, telling jokes, and entertaining siblings with made-up tales. Now he expresses stories visually.

Title of Piece: "Escape The Heat"


Inspiration: Like Bird, our imagination is the jungle that we run through to evade the hot bubbling lavas of life.  We look to our past. We look within. To escape the heat.


Sew Great Detroit and Alternatives for Girls

Representatives: Fran Gross & Janet McAuliffe 

Founded in 1987, Alternatives For Girls (AFG) helps homeless and high-risk girls and young women avoid violence, teen pregnancy and exploitation, and helps them to explore and access the support, resources and opportunities necessary to be safe, to grow strong, and to make positive choices in their lives. Sew Great Detroit(SGD) is a social enterprise within AFG’s Outreach Program activities.  SGD offers participants technical skills and training in sewing and knitting with the goal of empowering them and providing them with experience and expertise  to succeed at a task or job. The participating women receive monetary compensation 

for their work and the goods they produce and sell.

Piece: Hand-knitted pockets and finger puppets for Deviate’s FW 22-23 collection.


Kevin Bryan Barranco 

Kevin’s Mexican heritage is apparent in his passion for his work, and in the details of his  personality. He considers himself a multimedia artist with an old soul that contrasts his  futuristic perspective. His vision comes through continuous experimentation of different  mediums, some of which include photography, graphic design, and 3D-collage. He is  fascinated by the duality and complexity of the human mind.

Title of Piece: “The Land of Lost Things” 

Mixed Media on Canvas, 6’x9’ 


Inspiration: The visual for this concept came to me after reading the short story “A Bird Trusts its Wings” after which I juxtaposed elements from my own mediums of collage and photography. I wanted to merge both of our worlds into a  simplistic yet maximalist diagram that symbolizes a place in our  subconscious—a place where our forgotten ideas go.


Yuming Song

My name is Yuming Song. I am a Chinese artist and designer currently based in the Detroit area of Michigan. I have an industrial design background and hold a Master of Art degree from Tongji University in Shanghai. After finishing the first master's degree, I decided to go to Cranbrook Academy of Art to dive deep into art. I graduated and received my MFA from there in May 2021.

Title of Pieces: 

Ribbon Chair
Witnesses of My Life

Witnesses of My Life 


Inspiration: The inspiration of my works comes from the observation and curiosity in my quotidian life. I transform them into a physical body without a specific function intention. In this way, the object I create becomes something unidentified. Without the limitation of function, this ambiguous object invites audiences to explore possibilities of use in their way


Christopher Michael Grayer Jr “RichNextWeeknd”

A singer/songwriter/producer that uses real life experiences to make songs. With his adaptive voice and versatile flow you’ll be sure to feel each emotion in every note. As you dive into the sound be prepared to soak in the melodic waves of this genius known as “RichNextWeeknd”.

Title of Piece: “Trusted Wings”

Inspiration: Being a lost artist full of ideas with cluttered thoughts. Throughout the process, I realized that each setback is all in my mind. If I trust in myself that everything I’ve ever dreamed is possible.


Markayla Grandberry 

I am a contemporary abstract expressionist painter, and wardrobe stylist living in Detroit, Michigan. Painting brings me peace, while also allowing me to share my perspective with others. 

Title of Piece: Littered Thoughts


Inspiration: I want to mimic an office or workspace, specifically the thought process of thinking through the “next big thing” while also portraying the emotions that come with being an entrepreneur.

Maddie Duda

Maddie is an artist currently attending the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. She is studying textiles, and she also paints and draws. To see more of Maddie’s work, her Instagram is @madeleyess. 

Title of Pieces: “Bird” and “Pig” 


Inspiration: Both crochet hats are inspired by the Bird and Pig characters. I wanted to give the hats a lot of personality with bright, happy color palettes inspired by the characters.


Adiya Jahi

Adiya is a fiber and textile artist from Detroit. They are working towards their BFA with a concentration in painting and fibers, with a minor in textile design. Their work is influenced by the strange patterns and textures found in nature.

Title of Piece: Silica


Inspiration: The inspiration behind the piece primarily comes from nature and how lava flows in real life. The loose, dream-like state of lava will be further emphasized through the use of vibrant colors.


Maiingan “iNDiO1763” Wiikwedong

As an Ojibwe artist from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, my roots for art started in street art and moved to woodland style art once I arrived in Detroit in 2005. Street art was what got me into the art world but didn’t define myself as a painter. Using my Ojibwe culture as inspiration to create art on canvases and not on streets sides allowed the Woodland Style that shows traditional stories retold visually with the idea of creating a teachable moment within my paintings.

Title of Piece: The Portal


Inspiration: The inspiration behind my piece includes abstract shapes that are connected by lines that resemble the connection of the physical world to another spiritual plane where spirits exist alongside human beings. Another way to describe my art would be like an x-ray of sorts. A look inside and through planes of existence.  Telling the stories of the Ojibwe people through abstract, bright colors that represent moments in life where the Ojibwe teachings can continue to teach us how to be better people. Creating an immersive, interactive, Woodland Style painting that is a visual story for people to connect with visually, spiritually and create a learning experience for viewers.

Marquette Nicole

Marquette is a singer/songwriter, musician and artist from Detroit, Michigan. She performs in and around the Detroit area with her ever evolving band. Growing up with a vast musical background, Marquette has cultivated her sound into one that's rich and sultry, combining the influences of R&B, Rock, Pop and so much more. To stay updated with Marquette's new music, or upcoming show dates, visit her website ( or her instagram page (

Title of Piece: Inspiration


Kyleigh Mathewson

I go by Kyleigh (ky-lee) and have always suffered from depression, anxiety and have always had a sense of feeling lost or isolated from most people. My works play on identity, mental health and addiction; all facets of daily life that are struggles for people with mental health disease, addiction, or identity issues that affect our paths we take in life. I want to advocate and speak out through my art about these stigmatized issues, as well as let people in about

my struggle as a young being trying to fill the empty void with whatever or whoever I could. The struggles I have been through has made me who I am as an artist, partner, advocate for mental health, addiction, and to those who I have lost due to their struggles with addiction and depression.

Title of Piece: Connecting the Dots


Inspiration: My piece focuses on the chaos of dealing and making peace with my identity as a person and not on my identity as a policy number in the medical system. Many people struggle to feel normal and confident in their own skin and past experiences and are hesitant to seek help when many medical professionals don’t take these struggles seriously. The stigma of those struggling in daily life with their mental health, which can mean not always being confident in our identity, struggling with self-acceptance because of their mental health disease. My piece speaks out the pain, struggle, and reality of dealing with stigmatized issues that are often misunderstood and shows that society needs to work on accepting those issues as serious diseases that more people suffer from than the naked eye can see.


Dianne Avila

Dianne Avila graduated in 2019 from Michigan State University with a double major in apparel and textile design and political science.  Her design style and inspiration is deeply rooted in her Mexican culture by bringing a modern touch to more traditional silhouettes. 

Inspo: Mojigangas en Paris was inspired by the traditions in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico, where these life size exaggerations of humanity are a staple. The head and bust are made of papier mâché which is then mounted on a tall supporting structure. Once dried, the face and other important details are painted on. In some cases, the hands are made from cloth to provide movement when performing. 

Title of Piece: Mojigangas en Paris


Taylor Childs

Artist and Detroit native, Taylor Childs explores the representational visual vocabulary and themes of family, the after effects of the African Diaspora, the perception of people, consumerism, bling culture and how the Diaspora affects African Americans contemporarily. Translating this into a narrative where these themes are applied to explorations of fabric manipulation through textile tradition in order to create a dialogue representing African American life.

Title of Piece: "Hope tickets"

Inspiration: Taylor Childs is influenced from a synthesis of ingenuity, bling-culture, rank, community, race, and consumerism. She creates fashion textiles out of discarded materials in silhouettes that are directly related to class by perception of clothing. The materials she collects for example, the lottery tickets are mundane pieces of paper thrown away, once valued to possibly have worth. In the beauty out of the discards collection, through her use of material manipulation and silhouettes, she questions what makes luxury goods luxury?


Elena Suzanne Gray

I am a printmaker, painter, and stained glass artist based in Ferndale, Michigan. I took on stained glass as an extra pursuit after graduating with my printmaking degree in the spring of 2020. I often combine several processes and materials, such as DIY screen printing and block printing onto wood, glass, and fabric.

Title of Piece: Bird


Inspiration: This piece is my interpretation of the character Bird, a young woman. The viewer can see themself in the mirror as Bird, with her head at the top.


Lorenco Pergega

My name is Lorenco and I am an artist, actor and model from Detroit, MI. As a college student in Fine Arts, I have expanded my creativity to include working with acrylic paintings, 3D sculptures, jewelry making, and painting murals. Other skills that I have acquired include acting & modeling. I’ve played in movies such as “the Social worker” and “Side work”, and I;ve participated in fashion shows/photoshoots for Courvoisier and Puma. My goal is to combine all my talents together to continue to develop and elevate my artistic abilities. 

Title: “The Last Kingdom”


Inspiration: My inspiration is ancient history, and throughout my work I gravitate towards that concept. I am forever fascinated with the ancient world that was once filled with magnificent art, advanced civilizations, and endless wars.


Toomas Toomepuu 

Toomas Toomepuu was born in Rhode Island, now resides and studies in Detroit, attending College for Creative studies. Growing up, he had an affinity for exploring and painting abandoned spaces, found materials, and piecing together different structures with those materials. As a child, these structures were typically bike ramps or tree houses. These tendencies continued throughout his early adulthood, but evolved into the fabrication of furniture and sculpture instead. Maintaining interests in between spaces and materials, he continues to develop aesthetic relationships and reflect on the conceptual conversations explored in these objects.

Inspiration: A Haiku:

sad misconnection 

alien skin suite on me

reptilian boy 

My work explores failed promises of technology through the creation of furniture by utilizing digital fabrication, found objects, and unconventional materials. Technology does not always indicate progress, and I am interested in the various ways that technology has succeeded and failed in improving our domestic lives. Digital fabrication, material reuse, sustainability, and multi-functionality are all themes that I combine, remix, and take to their extreme to create objects that reflect on contemporary society. I use various materials, found objects, and technologies to negate their history, instead of forging ahead with a new narrative, mitigating their past traumas. The work reflects on the cultural conflicts by embodying opposites like absurdity and functionality, scarcity and overabundance, luxury and poverty, digital and analog.



KURAU is a musician, songwriter, and producer born and raised on the west side of Detroit. KURAU writes and produces all of his own music and the sound is inspired by an adrenaline rush; creating this feeling through the use of funky bass lines and crafty punchlines. KURAU believes that music is art and a journey to letting go and finding your self worth. In 2021, KURAU released 4 albums bringing together a wide variety of Detroit musicians. 

Inspiration: While reading A Bird Trusts Its Wings, I was inspired by the journey that bird goes through to believe in herself and her ideas. I believe that music is also a journey of self discovery and learning to believe in yourself even if you don’t sometimes; this is the story I want to highlight in my track for A Bird Trusts Its Wings Album. 



Molly Broekman

I am working in conjunction with Deviate to visualize the ideas of youth designers from the Boys and Girls Club through illustration. I met with the youth, discussed each of their concepts and individual designs, and reviewed their initial sketches. Through my illustrations, I hope to bring their visions to life in a fun, exciting, and concrete way. 

I am a student going into my final semester at Wayne State University, studying Fashion Design with minors in Textile Design and Art History. As an artist and designer, I work to create pieces that bring whimsy and playfulness into everyday life, without sacrificing approachability and practicality. I am often influenced by elements of costume, historical dress, and art history, looking back on elements of dress and design that have stood the test of time. I am an advocate for a fashion industry that uplifts and preserves the dignity and beauty of all people and environments involved. My main goal in my work as a designer is to work towards reintroducing artistry into fashion to make pieces that will be treasured in the future. 


Lily Foley

Lily is a Junior at Eastern Michigan University studying Spanish and Apparel Textiles and Merchandising. Lily is a multimedia artist, and enjoys incorporating fibers and textiles throughout her work. 

Title of Piece: The Nest


Inspiration: Lily took inspiration from “The Nest” chapter of A Bird Trusts its Wings. After doing research on birds and how they make their nests through foraging, Lily chose to create her piece using the same technique utilizing only found objects. To hold her piece together, Lily created a series of daisy chains, a strand of knots she learned to tie from her background in the Coast Guard.


Frank Lepkowski

Frank Lepkowski explores the role of modern technology in society, both in his subject matter and his artistic process. He builds software and web applications that rely on human touch as the primary form of interaction. Intertwining these digital tools and analog techniques, he creates maximalist, multi-layered compositions that reflect the noise and stimuli of the digital age.

Title of Piece: Bystander

45” x 66”


Title of Piece: It was a beautiful home

36” x 42”



Brooke O’Neill

I am a Detroit based artist whose music is inspired by the classical era and 90’s alternative artists. My parents introduced me to piano, harp and flute at a young age which developed my understanding of producing. When you are listening to my music I want it to be a nostalgic, whimsical journey. Music is therapy, and my writing process reflects how vulnerable creating allows me to be.

Title of Piece: Seeking

Inspiration: The inspiration behind this piece is centered around the loneliness of self doubt. “Seeking” reflects the process of gaining momentum towards your ultimate goal after an emotional breakthrough.


Rasheed Davis / Emerald Green 

I am a conglomerate of the love, experiences and lessons I have gathered thus far and will continue to gather. To quote a poem I wrote, “We’re all just books, chapters and climaxes, heroes and villains. Our choices are the ink and life is our setting.”

Title of Piece: Freefall 


Inspiration: Self reflection. There comes a time when truths are realized and that’s what I wanted to portray in this piece: a sense of knowing these truths but, having this frustration, a feeling of wanting to jump off the cliff of doubt and freefalling but scared to.


Samuel Allen Albaugh

Sam is an anti-disciplinary artist born in Flint, MI and living and working in Detroit. He is one half in a set of twins. He graduated with a BFA from College For Creative Studies in Fine Arts and Critical Theory. Sam is informed by these to pursue his interests in how the built environment and institutions are practically lived with and navigated around. 

Title of Piece: Landscape Paintings For The Under-Sentimental

Inspiration: I make bad art because there’s already enough good art to go around. Bad art lets you encounter the work without feeling like you have to bring anything to it to enjoy it. For this work specifically I was thinking about my day job at a museum and I realized how interesting the backs of these famous paintings are and how little I started to care about the fronts.


Heather Macali

Heather Macali is an artist, designer, and educator. She received her MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is currently an Associate Professor of Fashion and Fibers at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. She has a vast knowledge of fiber techniques, specializing in dyeing, textile design, floor loom and jacquard weaving.

Title of Piece: Twinks


Aaliyah Hepburn

Piece: Book Page Mural Painting 


Allison Menge

Title of Piece: “A Dreamer’s Mind”

Allison is a recent graduate from Eastern Michigan University, specializing in apparel technical design. After her fashion design internship at York Project in Detroit, she continued advancing her skills in construction and the business aspects of fashion. Her creative work in blending mediums involves the knowledge and innovative use of different tools such as embroidery and industrial sewing machines with a variety of softwares. Her desire is to continue developing her skills in order to produce new pieces that aren’t just creative within their own right, but carve a new medium for themselves.

This piece was an opportunity for her to explore the idea of embroidery animation. Since the story takes place in our main character’s dream, her dream is running like images on a film reel. While the spirit of her imagination flows from her mind, it swirls around these “frames”, blossoming into visual elements such as stalagmites, spiders, and our symbolic bird created in her magical world. The design for this page was inspired by the artistic styles of the art nouveau era and retro fashion from the 1970’s.


Marlo Broughton

Born in Detroit, Marlo Broughton is a painter that has been involved in the local creative scene since 2007. After studying industrial design at Wayne State, he joined the creative group FINALLY FAMOUS, whose core collective helped to propelled Big Sean’s indie career, Marlo and his collaborative partner Tommey Walker created all of Big Sean’s graphic works.

Broughton works with several of Detroit creative galleries and agencies including PLAYGROUND DETROIT, Inner State Gallery and 1xRun, Detroit Institute of Arts and Red Bull House of Art.

Title of Piece: You’re the embers | 36x48 | acrylic on canvas | $2500

Inspiration: The piece is inspired by looking beyond what your eyes can see. To fully see things as they are instead of as we think. We must look beyond the apparent horizon.


Zach Hagy

Zachariah Hagy is a multi-faceted contemporary photographer and film director with a young mind and an old soul. His works have very close relationships with fashion art and cinéma vérité. Working in the arts and media for over 8 years now, he has been able to be a part of some amazing projects and has been published in numerous publications and articles all over the world. With his love for printed matter, he has even started his own magazine which has featured and published hundreds of artists in print and digital. As the future is both exciting and scary, Zachariah will continue to explore the depths of his creativity and international collaboration with other artists.

Photographer for Deviate’s FW 22-23 Linesheet and Lookbook photos 


Juan Martinez

Juan Martinez is a Detroit-based multidisciplinary artist with a current focus on creating functional kinetic sculptures and community activation. Blending his passions as a scientific illustrator and a community organizer, Martinez’s latest work is centered around forming and casting metal with machined elements to create functional pieces of moving artwork. Each piece aims to serve a specific, yet unexpected function, inspiring awe in the community, both in public spaces or the more traditional gallery world. 

Martinez’s artistic practice operates hand in hand with his commitment to community, with an emphasis on empowering and equipping youth for extraordinary and creative futures. Gathering communal input via youth apprenticeships and an open studio, Martinez creates work to foster a sense of belonging and joy within his Detroit neighborhood and it’s diverse residents. With each endeavor, Martinez strives to venture into the unseen corners of the world, showing that artwork does not have to be confined to traditional white wall galleries, and there is a world of possibilities. 

Martinez's work has been exhibited at Art Basel Miami, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD), Murals In The Market, Detroit Design Week and in public and community spaces throughout Detroit, Los Angeles, Austin, New Orleans, and more. He has also co-founded the Beehive Design Collective and the Austin Bike Zoo, among other grassroots artistic efforts.

Title of Piece: Silver Lion


Makailah Rock (nautriic)

Makailah is a Detroit-based artist studying Fine Arts at College for Creative Studies. They paint as a form of therapy, to tell her story- the way she sees it. The subject matter comes to them as a response to their life conditions - whether that be driven politically, economically, or psychologically, her intentions are to capture emotive states of being.

Title of Piece: Everything is gone


Inspiration: I was inspired by my own experiences as an artist, along with my fellow artists’ experiences and related them to the story, ‘A Bird Trusts its Wings’. I was also heavily inspired by the city of Detroit and the artists that reside within.


Boisali Biswas

Coming from India, a country with an extremely rich heritage of art and culture, I have always had a deep-rooted attachment to its traditional art forms. Adapting to Western styles and techniques, and combining them with my lifelong fascination for ethnic arts around the world, have all been a melting pot for me to create a multicultural canvas. 

I spent 5 formative years during my BFA at the International University, Visva-Bharati at Shantiniketan (Abode of Peace) in India founded by the poet, writer, painter, musician, educationist, philosopher, Nobel Laureate (Literature) Rabindranath Tagore. The education at this unique university, Visva-Bharati, shaped my artistic personality forever.  At Shantiniketan, the school's visions of love of nature, freedom of the mind, heart and will and enrichment of Indian cultures through the Arts all became part of me (Rabindranath Tagore on Education).

In my everyday life, my escape, my retreat, is my creative power of Art. My work is indigenous to my inner self, and is a place of solitude, passion and contemplation for me. The final offering is the culmination of a series of wordless conversations between me and my artwork. The subject matter of my work is drawn from my own life experiences, trips, thoughts and surroundings. My art is like a journey for me through the passage of time honored techniques, traditions and influences in an endeavor to produce art for everyone to appreciate.

Inspiration: I have spent more years here than my birth country. But images, people, places, experiences, and moments keep showing up in my subconscious mind. Hence that tormenting question of "belonging" comes to mind. Where do I really belong? My ongoing search for the answer melds through my art.


Greta Mulbauer

An engineer by day, knitter by night, I take scrap strings and turn them into cool things. I aim to create unique, individually-tailored sweaters that embody the heart of Detroit and promote sustainability. Each of my sweaters is named after a street in Detroit, because just as each street is part of a neighborhood which houses a community, I am hoping a piece by detroit knits will also find a home in your closet. I consider myself very lucky to be part of the growing artist community in Detroit. 

Title of Piece: Hand Knitted Graphic Cardigan (A Bird Trusts Its Wings)

Inspiration: Kelsey provided me with a unique backdrop, she explained the story behind this collection, gave me the pattern for each of the character scenes, and said the rest is up to me. I usually spend a lot of time deliberating on how I want a piece to look, but from the very beginning I knew I wanted this cardigan to tell a story and be comfortable. I was aiming for the comfort of a childhood blanket but with a more chic, elevated look. I knitted the entire cardigan first, then embroidered each of the character scenes.


Luzhen Qiu

Luzhen Qiu is a Chinese American artist living in Metro Detroit. She graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit with a MFA degree and did her underrate study at China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, China. With 28 years of art teaching experience, Luzhen has taught art classes at Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, Paint Creek Center for the Art in Michigan, and The National Academy of Art School in China. Luzhen’s artworks have been displayed in various galleries in US and China. 

Title of Piece: Untitled 2021- 20 | Medium: Monoprints x 9 | 8”x11” | 2021 | $900

Inspiration: Creating dreamscapes is where I find refuge in these landscapes.
An appreciation for rocks stemmed from ancient religious attitudes toward nature, which included the veneration of mountains. I make my own rocks and landscape by making monotypes. During the process, the landscapes and rocks are fused together into my dreamscapes of my West Lake from my hometown in Hangzhou, China and the mighty Great Lakes, which is my soul destiny…


Madison Muszynski

I am currently a senior at Wayne State University majoring in Fashion Merchandising and minoring in Textile Design and Business. Over the past few years, I have developed a passion for sustainability and ethics within the fashion industry which impacts the way I shop and create pieces.  I create garments experimenting with ways to upcycle old materials and be as zero waste/low waste as possible. |

Title of Piece: “Vulnerability”


Inspiration: I was asked to create a tapestry, 13’x8’ to hide a storage area in the showcase.  I asked Kelsey if it could be immersive and of course, she said yes, so I thought of creating a two-piece tapestry that is meant to be walked through and a set of rugs to be walked on. Using their scrap fabrics and materials, the tapestry was paneled together and the rugs were created.  The pillows are stuffed with the waste created from this project and other fabric waste from the collection. 

When you walk through the tapestry, some of the paneling is transparent, giving a view of the area Kelsey was trying to hide. I explained my reasoning for leaving the backroom/storage mess visible because I recently visited a brand and was shown the “backroom” and felt honored almost to see the vulnerability and relatability of the brand.  It shows that the brand has nothing to hide and I really liked the transparency of that, and the beautiful transparent fabric was a part of the fabric waste pile.


Demetrius “Meech” Morgan

Meech is the videographer and filmmaker of the documentary capturing the Detroit to NY showcase from ideation to execution. Meech records entirely on film.

Title of Piece: Show & Tell



Darryl Blanding “Clean”

Clean Sneaker Care is shoe care company that specializes in cleaning and maintaining your favorite footwear. Outside of shoes, we also care for bags, hats, and even offer custom and paint touch-up services.  Our goal is to create and further the culture around sneaker care, and extending the life of your favorite pieces. 

Darryl “Clue” Blanding is a Detroit native and the Co-founder of Clean Sneaker Care. From working in retail stores, curating sneaker events, and collaborating on exhibition’s, Clue has been contributing to the sneaker culture in Detroit for over 10 years. 

Inspiration: “Clean 85” - Sneakers are works of art that naturally change and gain more character over time.  What does a sneaker look like 30+ years after it’s created?  What if you could choose how they aged? What would the midsole look like?  How will the laces look?  Through these pieces I was able to answer those questions.


Connor Riegle 

Twitter: @CRIEGLE_

Instagram: @criegle

Criegle is a Detroit based product and fashion accessory designer bridging the gap between physical and digital realities. Currently designing the future of football helmets at Xenith, as well as teaching as a Fashion Accessory Design adjunct at The College for Creative Studies, he is also building his own phygital brand, CRIEGLE, to be ready and interoperable for use in the metaverse. Whether utilizing digital or physical technology, Criegle sees design as a way to solve problems and bring people together that might not otherwise meet. 

Title of Piece: The Prophet

.5 ETH

Inspiration: Designed in VR using Gravity Sketch, The Prophet is a digital instantiation of a cybernetic bird inspired by the prophetic bird in the dream sequence story. The futuristic aesthetic of The Prophet pulls in elements from different sci-fi universes while being filtered through the lens of a reductional design philosophy. The 1 of 1 edition NFT will come with 2d renders and 3d assets along with additional content. 

Zoë Rogula

My name is Zoë Rogula and I am a Fashion Merchandising major and Public Relations minor proudly studying in Detroit at Wayne State University, graduating in 2022. I am currently serving as the Director of the documentary about the Detroit to NY exhibition called Show and Tell

Title of Piece: Show & Tell


Trenton Wigg

 My work focuses on creating unique art pieces, and my city gives me inspiration. When I think of Detroit, MY city, I think of art. Even though the world may have a different view of my city, I still see the beauty in the culture and community. My work transcends fashion, and I want people to see me as an artist. I’m constantly exploring the depths of my creativity; when boundaries are pushed, I come up with new creative ideas that I use to create amazing pieces. A main theme I communicate through my art is that you should always be yourself and accept your imperfections- there is no such thing as being perfect. All of your imperfections are what make you who you are, and no one can be you but you. I am not my art; my art is me.

Title of Piece: Paris 



Alex Joy

I am an artist based in metro Detroit mostly focused on Metalsmithing. Over the past year I’ve branched out into more sculptural pieces. This jump started from working as a contractor and learning hands-on how to build. 

Title of Piece: Trapped in a Tree


Inspiration: I enjoy using easily recognizable imagery and when I think of forest fires I think of animals hiding. To me, the forest fire felt like innocence being threatened. I chose the stuffed animals to represent that. 


Jillian Polasek

Jillian is a highly adaptable, talented graphic designer with wide ranging experience. She has served as a graphic designer at several Metro Detroit, Michigan-based companies. Her passion is helping businesses refresh their marketing identity and build their brand. Samples of her work can be found at: 

Inspiration: Drawing on childhood experiences to fit with the concept of the storybook, I created a zoo map inspired layout of the exhibition.


Ché Robinson

I was born to creative parents in Detroit (circa 1989) and classically trained with instruments since the age of six. My first apparel release was in 2012, and my first music release was in 2008. In 2021, I founded Zero Damage Media LLC to tie all creative aspects under “0DMG media” in an effort to provide a new creative outlook and resources for like-minded artists.

Piece Title: "Factory Reset"

Inspiration: Hearing the trials of blockages and other creative hardships endured by our protagonist, "Beatrice" aka "Bird" made me instantly empathize as an artist sometimes wishing to change scenery/environment for inspiration.


Tyler Belloli

I’m a traditional artist specializing in charcoal and pastels. I attended College for Creative Studies until my Junior year, majoring in Illustrations, where I learned figure painting, anatomy, perspective and more. I worked in manufacturing and machining for 9 years, which during that time I drew for myself developing different techniques and skills. As of now, I have no prior artist career and The Deviate Detroit to New York fashion showcase will be my first actual public display.

Tile of Piece: Bird “Wise” View


Inspiration: In this story it reminded me that the childhood imagination molds an artist later in life. I had the section of the story where Pierre and Oscar are trying to see the bird at the top of the mountain for wisdom. First they must adventure through a waiting room which I thought was a good metaphor to symbolize the time and lessons learned in early stages of creativity. Then we have the bird with wisdom displayed in a shrine-like composition on the top of the mountain. To me the wisdom would be staying true to your imagination and that closed doors are a part of the journey, but one day you’ll find that open door for creative opportunities which the bird can see on the top of the mountain.


Dakayla Dieterle “Madworldink”

I'm a 24 year old self taught artist, based in Detroit, Michigan. I enjoy working with acrylic, watercolor and a variety of other mediums. For me, art has always been the easiest way to express emotions. Through my artwork, I explore subconscious thoughts and feelings that I normally wouldn't reveal. 

Title of Piece: Untitled Phenomenon 


Inspiration: This piece was inspired by everyday occurrences that make us question our existence. It represents the curiosity of life and the emotions that come with it.


Elise Marie Martin

Elise Marie Martin is an interdisciplinary artist based in Detroit, MI, USA. She seeks to make work which encourages engagement and interaction, while questioning our relationship with objects. Martin received her BFA from the College for Creative Studies, and her MFA from Wayne State University. Her studio practice is complemented by her work in art education and art-based community programs. 

Title of Piece: "Emerging" - dye painted textiles, tufting and embroidery,  $2000

Inspiration: I was inspired by the moment in which the protagonist steps out of the familiar domestic space into a fantastical, chaotic dreamscape. I used conventionally domestic materials, processes and motifs, to represent the experience of emerging beyond one's comfort zone. 

Title of Piece: "Shared Personal Space" - block printed fabrics, metal armature, $2500

Inspiration: This interactive sculpture is designed to create intimate moments of connection. 


Jenna VanFleteren

Jenna VanFleteren was born and raised in Metro Detroit, lover of the Great Lakes, coney dogs, and dancing. VanFleteren is currently an MFA candidate in the 3D Design department at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI. She works in mainly soft sculpture but experiments in other mediums and is interested in blending craft, fine art, and design. Before attending Cranbrook, VanFleteren worked as a Footwear Material Designer at Nike in Beaverton, OR, where she designed textile patterns, structures, and processes. VanFleteren graduated from College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI, in 2015 with a BFA in Crafts and Material Studies.

Title of Piece: Color Value Curtains


Inspiration: The Color Value Curtains began as an exploration of light, shadows, color, and movement. Inspired by CMYK color model, stained glass, quilting techniques, and the improvisation and materiality of theater and costuming, the curtains use bold vinyl fabric to transform a space when they interact with light. The curtains progressed into a study of fluid spaces that suggest play while examining privacy. I was considering translucency through both physical material characteristics and trough a conceptual context (“pulling back the curtain”). What does it mean to be transparent? What do the spaces we inhabit communicate?



Born in Detroit, Michigan, M. Antonio Mamon is a fashion designer and photographer. After earning a degree in Fashion Design from WMU, Mamon discovered his desire through his artistic ability to make things larger than himself, things that are meaningful and relatable to everyone. He has curated stunning photography and dope collections for multi-million dollar companies and strives to push his practice to new levels today.

Title of Piece: Locked and Unlocked ($1500 per piece)

Inspiration: M. Antonio Mamon is bringing the concept of how ideas are presented throughout the story. The reality of restricting ideas due to lack of belief in them is an illusion, a negative perspective of what may actually be the greatest work. Mamon shows a dual perspective of an idea locked and unlocked.


Sophia Wojnovich

Sophia Wojnovich is a fine crafts artist residing in Detroit, Michigan. She has her MFA in 3D Design from Cranbrook Academy of Art, and her BFA in Furniture Design from Rochester Institute of Technology. With a background in traditional craft, Wojnovich designs and creates works that live in both the furniture, performance, and sculptural worlds. She pursues the feeling of vulnerability both in work and life, and loves platform boots and spicy food.  

Untitled (Chain Mirror 5) : $250 (yellow)

Untitled (Chain Mirror 8) : $325 (blue)

Untitled (Chain) is an ongoing series of one-off mirrors using stainless steel chain, rubber, and mirrored acrylic in various colors. The mirror forms are curvy in fun and exciting colors, while the milky white rubber, poured across the mirrors in puddles, mimics cum. The viewer can only see their bodies in these mirrors with the rubber/cum on top of them. The chains are attached to the mirrors using these rubber puddles.


Michael Polakowski 

Michael Polakowski grew up in the American Midwest where he received his BFA from the College for Creative Studies (Detroit). After graduating, he established his career as a painter by exhibiting at galleries like Playground Detroit, 1xRun and KO Studio Gallery. His work has been featured in publications such as Juxtapoz, Archive 00, and Art Maze Magazine. In 2019, he participated in the Red Bull Artist Residency (Detroit) and works as an educator at the College for Creative Studies.

Title of Piece: "Cut the Tie That Binds"


Inspiration: This painting focuses on the objects we surround ourselves with and how their purposes can transition based on context. The same rope used to fasten and secure can be used to restrain and this piece acts as a reminder of that fact.


Betsy Cooper 

Betsy Cooper communicates with the world through quirky, magical illustrations. Her greatest goal is to break down complex ideas through accessible and simple drawings. For example, using her urban planning background to demonstrate how property taxes have been negatively affecting the city, or debunking myths about abortion. She frequently tattoos her friends with her interpretations of the natural world, and has been known to create small and silly ceramics. She is currently contemplating what to stock in her brand new Etsy Shop besides bolo ties shaped like vulvas ( For more information, follow Betsy on instagram @Extraelbowsart.

Title: Untitled (Fiber Mountain)

Inspiration: Our piece is part of a collaborative work to showcase the protagonists’ first entry away from their home into a dreamlike, lush jungle. We wanted to work with color, texture, and scale to create a mountain landscape that feels both soft and playful, but surprising and disorienting. As we aim to be sustainable in our art, all the materials used were recycled from past projects and our local arts recycling center, Arts and Scraps.

Cassie Coravos

Cassie Coravos is an artist, designer, and facilitator living in Detroit. In both event design and her art, she aims to create environments for people to thoughtfully engage and interact in the space around them. She works with textiles and found materials to create pieces that are textural, playful, colorful, and often wearable. While specializing in sewing, embroidery, and shoemaking, she is always exploring new mediums and methods of creation. For more information, visit

Title: Untitled (Fiber Mountain)

Inspiration: Our piece is part of a collaborative work to showcase the protagonists’ first entry away from their home into a dreamlike, lush jungle. We wanted to work with color, texture, and scale to create a mountain landscape that feels both soft and playful, but surprising and disorienting. As we aim to be sustainable in our art, all the materials used were recycled from past projects and our local arts recycling center, Arts and Scraps.


Elena Esposito

Elena is currently attending the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, where she is pursuing her degree in Crafts and Materials Studies with a focus in glass. Her work primarily incorporates cast glass and cold working techniques to explore texture, light, color and transparency. You will almost always find her in the glass studio, developing her techniques and skills while surrounded by her closest friends and most significant creative influences.

Title of Piece: Glass Dolls


Inspiration: Inspired by traditional wooden Russian dolls, this piece represents individuality within unity. Such as the material, one of this piece's most obvious differences from Russian dolls is their inability to stack. Although different from the traditional manner, these dolls stack in weight. Each one is approximately two times bigger than the one before it, making the largest doll almost seven pounds. This can be felt when they are picked up. By using this method of ‘stacking,’ all of the dolls remain seen, allowing the viewer to also acknowledge each one's individuality, such as their designs and details, while in the group.


Nick Bechtel

As a kid I could never stop drawing. I can't tell you how many assignments I was marked down on for doodling everywhere. Even throughout college I put art and creating before everything else. I remember dropping a class because a professor refused to accept that I would draw during lecture. As long as I'm creating, I can slip into a state where everything else melts away- that's my happy place. I am a multimedia artist: digital, ink, spray paint, anything within reach.

Alessandro Uribe

Alessandro is a Detroit-based multi-disciplinary artist focused on analog photography and video. Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Alessandro moved to the U.S. to study anthropology and has spent the last five years experimenting in backpack design, woodwork, and photo/video installations. While in Detroit his focus has been surrounding the rapidly-growing fashion scene, photographing collections for various up-and-coming brands in the city. He has exhibited his designs at the Smithsonian and most recently had a month-long video installation at a gallery funded by Big Sean alongside other artists.

Title of Piece: Show & Tell


Andre Stefon

My name is Andre Stefon. I am a 26 year old photographer currently living in the Metro Detroit

area. I have enjoyed the arts since I was a child, no matter what it was; drawing, painting, or taking photos. Creating art iis the outlet that I used when I was a teenager to express myself. Around 2011 I picked up a camera and was immediately eager to learn more. I often bring a camera with me wherever I go. You never know what random event or place might inspire you. Recently I have been practicing my street photography/ portrait work by finding the perfect setting and model. I then envision my photoshoot and turn it into a reality. This is the most satisfying thing about photography. Along with how people perceive my work, each and every person is going to have a feeling about a photo or art piece, I love that. Regardless of if someone appreciates your artwork or not, to know that you are making something thought provoking, what does it matter? To be able to have a non verbal conversation with your viewer through the expression of your thoughts and ideas, that in itself is the greatest reward from creating art.

Title of Piece: Show & Tell

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