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To us, sustainability stretches into every aspect of life. As a brand, we put this into practice by remaining cognizant of how we produce our products, the purpose behind our products, and how we impact our community. 


We are extremely selective about the manufacturers we choose to work with, and only choose partners who share our sustainability and ethical commitments. The same can be said for the fabrics we work with.


We are committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainable textiles. Our signature Torn & Reknit Giant Weave is a Deviate original technique that constructs pieces entirely from the excess fabrics of previous collections. The torn and reknit pieces are constructed by tearing fabric and reknitting the strips back together using human hands in place of knitting machines. 


Our all-female team is on a mission to chart our own course in the fashion industry through both innovative design and sustainable initiatives.


Celebrating sustainable textile artistry and innovative handmade techniques.

Collections are based in a nostalgic narrative, inspired by original storybook concepts.

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