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Lost Artists Collective


Launched in the fall of 2018, the Lost Artists Collective is a Detroit-based collective of diverse creatives who share a similar goal of supporting other non-traditional creatives. We believe in strength in numbers. LAC is our catalyst to grow together and elevate each other’s work in the process. 

LAC meets monthly at events planned to facilitate genuine relationship building among Detroit’s creative community, such as houseparties that require a piece of art as “admission.”  These events are focused on connecting and fostering holistic growth for all local artists, especially those from underserved  neighborhoods. 

LAC works collaboratively to plan and execute high-visibility projects that showcase the work of artists who may not have the resources to get noticed, alone. For example, the Detroit to NYC Showcase featured 50+ LAC artists' work and was covered by The New York Times.



Our mission is  to engage with creative and passionate Detroit-based artists, helping to equip them with the skills, knowledge and network to succeed in global creative industries. Ultimately, elevating Detroit's reputation as a respected creative hub. 



Our 400+ members joined LAC to elevate their own careers while also supporting Detroit's next generation of creative talent. 

Members work with many mediums, including:

  • Fashion
  • Film/Photography 
  • Music
  • Fine Arts
  • Textile Design/Fibers
  • Performing Arts


Unlike other artist groups, LAC is inclusive of artists who do not have formal training or industry connections, but have the talent and passion to pursue their art regardless. LAC supports overlooked artists from every neighborhood. By bringing together the city’s emerging and established artists, we will continue to drive genuine and inclusive growth for the city’s creative community. We are authentically fueling Detroit’s growth as a nationally and globally respected creative hub. 

Celebrating sustainable textile artistry and innovative handmade techniques.

Collections are based in a nostalgic narrative, inspired by original storybook concepts.

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